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The Employment Tribunal Advice Bureau

The UK's National Advisory Service for Employment Tribunals

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Employment Law Tribunal - Advice & Representation

Being taken to an Employment Tribunal can be extremely stressful and time consuming, made even worse when the claim is without merit. We can give you free confidential advice.

The process itself is steeped with procedures and deadlines. If missed, it can lead to a default judgment against you, a hefty fine, not being allowed to take part in the proceedings, or even losing the case on a simple technicality. We are here to help you, the employer.

We offer PRACTICAL ADVICE for employers

If you are reading this then you either have a concern in the workplace or are dealing with a potential tribunal threat. We can give you confidential free advice. We are a national support organisation set up to offer free assistance to all employers faced with employment tribunal proceedings.

Some people think they are too late to get professional help. We can help at any stage of tribunal proceedings; it is never too late to take advice.

We specialise in dealing with:

  • ET1 claims and ET3 responses
  • Tribunal advice – merits assessment, risk and strategy
  • The full remit of employment tribunal claims – wrongful dismissal, unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, wages disputes, holiday pay, TUPE, discrimination, working time regulations, redundancies
  • Tribunal representation by experienced and fully qualified advocates

We also deal with all case management orders that are relevant to any claim. These include:

  • Disclosure orders
  • Preparation of trial bundles
  • Drafting of witness statements

All of the above can take up substantial time and may require expert advice and guidance.

How do we help?

Practical, hands on and reliable support, that’s how. We can take over your case and deal with any outstanding deadlines. We can meet with you and witnesses to prepare the case and guide you through the process. We will explain the applicable legislation in lay terms and take considerable time with all involved to ensure that everyone is comfortable and knows what to expect on the day of the hearing. We will then represent you, giving you the best chance possible at the most favourable outcome. That’s how.

Protect your business. It is simply not worth taking the risk – Get professional support now. Please call 0800 085 8588.

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